Eternal Friendship

Roman photo édité aux Editions Siglio Press, USA, 2017

Albania and China? Comrades? Who knew? A timely book about dictatorships, propaganda and friendship. Imagine Art Spiegelman meets Chris Marker, told in gorgeous “tricolor” photography, a knock out! 

Richard McGuire, author of Here

A graphic poem, a photo novel, an archive-based comic book — Eternal Friendship is a rare juxtapositional mix of genre and media, such that history, the history of ideas, and the bodies that mediate both are captured with tone-perfect temporal lucidity.

Christian Hawkey, author of Ventrakl

Winner of the French Voices Award for excellence in publishing and translation

Revue de presse

The New York Times, best photobooks 2017

Teju Cole : « Anouck Durand’s photo-novel (or is it a photo-memoir?) is bewildering, peculiar and smart, a matryoshka doll of a story    . . . A brilliant rerouting of photography that reminds me of those strange documentaries by Werner Herzog, say, or Chris Marker. »

The fanzine

Jeff Jackson, the fanzine: « Siglio Press publishes “books at the intersection of art and literature,” but even that description sells short the category-busting complexities of Anouck Durand’s Eternal Friendship. It straddles the lines between art exhibit, photo book, graphic novel, and historical tone poem (…)

LA review of books

_ Will Moore, « Eternal Friendship is significant not only for what it achieves, but for what it suggests about the fertile possibilities of this new form. »

The most obvious level of subversion at work in Eternal Friendship comes from the insertion of photographs into the book’s larger narrative.

But Durand also uses text to call out the staged nature of the photographs. Durand also cleverly crops archival images to invoke his motif of individual versus collective. Eternal Friendship is a project of archival recontextualization. It does not merely revise or define the meaning of the images Durand selects, but situates these pictures within multiple contexts. »

The Paris Review

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